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Website Management Services

At InteleANTS, we offer the full range website management services to help you design, develop, maintain and host your website efficiently:

Web Development & Integration Services
We develop websites and backend services for your websites so that you don’t have to worry about time consuming scripting and programming to build and maintain your website. We deploy standard CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla for simple websites and also have experience with Magento & OSCommerce for ecommerce sites. We also create membership websites with protected content that can be accessed only by registered members as well as build customized sites on PHPBB and WordPress. We also assist in integrating customized forms, RSS feeds and many other third party services for your website. InteleANTS specializes in open source technologies with PHP for server side scripting but can also help with ASP & Java.

Website Design
Our team of competent designers not only focus on layout and appeal but are well aware of website development, hosting and optimization related issues, so they work in tandem with our SEO team and webmasters. We design websites that carry all the pomp and show you desire, and yet do not compromise on usability features and search engine guidelines compliance. We ensure that our designs merge well with your color schemes and the website loads quickly. Depending on your requirement, we can design blogs, forums, ecommerce websites and common static websites.

Website Maintenance & Website Support Services
InteleANTS can be your webmaster, simplifying tedious tasks such as fixing bugs, monitoring performance, software upgrades, creating backups, administering email service and enhancing site’s speed, to name a few. We also setup third party integration for services such as Affiliate tracking, Webmaster tools and Google Analytics.  You can rely on us for all kinds of tweaking & upgrades that every website requires from time-to-time.

Website Hosting
We maintain websites for many clients and have a good understanding of the most popular hosting services and serve clients across the world for dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting and more. We offer hosting services from Quality Host and Dream Host for our clients, but we can recommend a host based on your requirements, location and budget. Our span of hosting services also cover issues related to host migration, so that you migrate your hosting with minimal or no interruption in service.

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