Mp3 transcription
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MP3 Transcription

MP3 is the most preferred digital audio format as you can compress large audio files without comprising on the quality of the sound. MP3 files are easy to upload and transmit and are compatible with most digital audio players.

Inteleants offers affordable MP3 transcription services to convert MP3 to text with 99%+ accuracy. Our rates are very competitive and we offer quick turnaround times. Our experienced transcribers are well versed with different accents and topics; they can comprehend and transcribe MP3 to text accurately.

We can transcribe MP3 to plain text, MP3 to Word or MP3 to PDF. We can convert any speech recorded in MP3 to text and format it as per your specifications.

We offer MP3 transcription services for:

·         Transcribing Interviews
·         Transcribe meetings
·         Transcription of Sermon recordings
·         Transcribing conferences & conference calls
·         Seminar & Webinar transcription
·         Focus Group Interview transcription
·         Transcribe lectures

We transcribe MP3 audio recordings for clients based out of North America, UK, Australia and Canada on regular basis. Our rates are the lowest in the industry for the quality of MP3 transcription service that we provide - accuracy, turnaround time, user-friendly web interface, per minute billing, and hassle free, secure payment process.

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