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Cheap Transcription

At InteleANTS we focus on providing quality transcription services at an affordable price. Our rates are very competitive and it is the lowest that you can get anywhere for comparable quality of service. We also have special packages and bulk discount offers to suit your budget.

Our team of experienced transcribers ensures that job delivered is of best quality and within the chosen timeline. Our digital transcription service covers business transcription, conference transcription, interview transcription, student & academic transcription, focus group transcription,  and sermon transcription.  We also do transcriptions in other languages - French transcription, German transcription, Spanish transcription.

We provide professional and efficient service which is cost effective and timely.

Our seasoned team of transcribers has diverse experience and expertise to handle any type of transcription, content, subject, accent and number of speakers. We regularly transcribe interviews, correspondence, dictations, conferences, telephonic interviews, podcasts, webcasts, meetings, seminars, university research content, focus groups, teleconferences, lectures, meetings and sermons.

Sending files to us is easy, we have a secure and dedicated file server where you can directly upload your audio/video recordings in any digital file format, of any length and we will transcribe and deliver the document in the text format (word, pdf or plain text) as specified.

We can convert any popular digital audio/video file formats like MP3, WAV, DSS, AIFF, AAC, DVF, OGG, WMA, AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, MOV, QuickTime etc.

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