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How We Work - The ANTS Way

Once you submit your requirement through the Get Quote form or through email, the Phase I of the engagement starts. Phase I is the preliminary phase and involves briefing, & estimation where we study your requirement and contact you via email or phone if we have need any clarifications. Once the requirements are clear, we send you an estimate of time and cost. If the estimated cost is greater than $500 and / or if the project requires additional documentation to define scope and deliverables, we prepare a detailed proposal and send it to you.

Phase II witnesses the actual fleshing out of work and reviews/ approvals and flag-off of work.

Phase III marks the beginning of the project and culminates with final work hand-over and a request for payment via an Invoice. This phase involves numerous interactions, reviews and feedback depending on the nature of the project.

Project time frames depend on the nature of the mandate and are discussed in Phase I. We have executed assignments ranging from just a few hours to a number of months of effort. Timelines are strictly adhered to until/unless we run into sudden, unforeseen challenges. In such circumstances, InteleANTS raises the red flag as soon as we sense a potential disruption to schedules.

Our Intellectual Rights Policies serve to preserve the integrity of work done by us for our clients eliminating confusion about its source and status. Typically, most of our projects are on "work to hire". Unless otherwise stated and agreed to by both parties, you will own the IP for the work done by us when you have paid us for the work as agreed.  In cases where there are issues on ownership rights of the final output, these will be negotiated and agreed upon right up front at the proposal stage to avoid unnecessary complications later on.

At the payment stage too we have very client-friendly policies. All payments are expected to be made only at the time of actual completion of work. In rare cases, depending on the nature of mandate, partial payments are sought in advance. However, in the case of an interim cancellation we have a refund policy in place. 

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