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Analytics, Reports, Models & Excel Programming

Every business has mountains of data with a wealth of information which help in making strategic, tactical & operational decisions to improve the performance. However, you may not have dedicated resources with the experience & skills to achieve desired results. InteleANTS has an array of services to help small businesses work with facts & figures and make decisions based on hard data rather than on guesses and assumptions.

Data Analysis & Reporting
Whatever be your business - manufacturing, services or retail, we can help you with ongoing support with data analysis. We customize the reports to your specific requirements and deliver analysis & reports that help you get a better insight on your business and act to improve your performance.
Financial Analysis & Business Plans
We not only have experience in analysing data & financial reports but also can build financial plans from scratch. Backed by our expertise in Excel programming, we develop excel spreadsheet models for business planning & decision support systems for a wide range of data driven business decisions.
Executive Dashboards
As a business owner / senior executive you want an instant overview of the vital statistics of your business and dashboards help you achieve this. We build dashboards to present the critical parameters in visually interpretable charts & graphs consolidated at different levels with options to slice, segment and drill down to different levels or segments.
Excel Programming
Power users of Microsoft Excel, we develop spreadsheet solutions of varying complexities from very simple Excel sheets to sophisticated Excel applications with complex coding in VBA or sheets integrating with remote databases in real time.
Website Analytics 
Our expertise in website analytics developed over a period of time by virtue of our internet marketing support services. Driven to deliver sustained high quality marketing performance, we invested time and effort in building a deep understanding of website analytics & have developed methods and tools for efficient analysis of website performance including statistical analysis. 

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