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Affiliate Program

InteleANTS believes in establishing long term, mutually rewarding relationships with all stakeholders. We owe much of our success to our clients who have been supporting us for several years and have graciously referred more business to us. InteleANTS launched an affiliate program in 2008 but opened it only to clients.

In October 2010, we opened the Affiliate Program to all. We offer a 5% commission on billings from clients referred by affiliates for 180 days from the date of referral. Yes, that is right. If you refer someone who submits a request using your referral code on October 1, 2010, we will pay you a 5% commission on the revenues we earn from the referred client until  March 30, 2011.

The commisions are earned only when the client pays us, which usually happens after we complete the assignment. Payments are made via PayPal now.

If you happen to be a client, you can use the commission earned to pay for the services you buy from us. What is more, you get double value for your commissions. If you have a credit of $50 through commissions earned you can redeem the commission at $50 x 2 = $100 if you choose to use the commission for paying us instead of withdrawing it to your PayPal. Win-Win for all of us!

If you are interested in signing up for our Affiliate Program, please fill this form.

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