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The Story of the Ant


InteleANTS = intelligent + e (electronic, digital) + ants (the ubiquitous, industrious insect).

The name InteleANTS is inspired from our work icon – the ANT.  We are team of intelligent, versatile, innovative & hard-working professionals digitally enabled to deliver services to clients anywhere in the world. Be it rain or shine, the ants go about gathering food with the same determination. Despite no supervision, they go about their job with little or no confusion. There is an unspoken trust amongst the species that gets them to co-exist happily in any condition. At InteleANTS, we have adopted that celebrated TRUST as our core value.

InteleANTS was founded in 2005 with the objective of supporting small businesses with a wide range of services. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for every service that can be remotely delivered for a small business and pioneered a mixed-model delivery system with a small core team working closely with the clients and an extended, geographically distributed delivery team of permanent employees as well as freelancers and partner companies. 

We have a central operations base in Chennai, India and a virtual team distributed in multiple locations. Our core team & systems are located in the central office. The core team members manage projects, assure quality, coordinate with customers, research & develop new systems & solutions. All our critical systems & data reside here. InteleANTS has a virtual staff located in different cities mostly in India and in a few other countries.

 All our team members have an individual computer with high-speed internet with Windows, MS Office Professional, Adobe Suite, Antivirus, Firewall, Email, Internet Messaging & Skype. All the team members are connected to the main office by proprietary systems via the internet.

We offer flexible solutions custom-designed to meet your specific requirement. We take up projects of all sizes from a few hours' work to several man-years' of effort.

Our pricing is linked to the time, effort, skills & expertise required to execute the project. We execute projects on fixed-cost basis, piece-rate or on time & material cost basis. The pricing model will depend on the nature of work.

We accept payment through check, direct bank transfer, credit card and PayPal.

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